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Fruitless by J. Michael Niotta

The blind shut their eyes in sleep & the parts of the ship that’s wrecked

continue to float

the masterpieces hang on all the wrong walls

& homes condemned & abandoned continue to keep out the elements

 the cockroach head sawed from the cockroach body still feeds

& even the bulimics are trying

so many die the day they make the final payment—

the laugh of retirement, the permanence of debt

as hair & nails continue to grow long after the body is vetoed

& there is more than one kind of tomato

& there is more than one kind of onion

yet it all can be cut the same

By J. Michael Niotta

About J. Michael Niotta:
Justin Michael Niotta is a poet, editor, and published author from San Diego California. His latest book, THE LOS ANGELES SUGAR RING just came out and is available at HISTORY PRESS.

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