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From the timid to the fierce

For the ones who bypass and discard that which most people covet. For the ones that rise like wing and demons high above the street, high above the treeline and the rooftops, who congregate on top of telephone poles, and sneer at the setting sun, smoking filterless cigarettes.

For those who always carry sharp knives in their pockets, and who sleep with snub-nose Magnums next to their beds. The ones who scald with a stare, drinking motor oil coffee at midnight, lusting and teasing with latex clad Vamps, with jet black painted lips, and nails like razors.

Those who are merciful with the weak but who slay the phony strong, who dream and incantations and curses in the deepest and most restful sleep. Those who spoon shotgun shell soup down there black throats.

For the riding crop, for the battleship gray harbor, for the broken glass dawn that bloodies thirsty alcoholic lips.

For the tire slashers and car keyers, for the saints of the spray-painted walls, for the broken guitars and the snare of the murdered beat. For all the will one day tear down this sad and lying world. To the zeros and the dropping bombs, I raise my glass to you…Salud!

~C. Pasquale

About Christiaan Pasquale:

I’m devoted to the enrichment and well being of those who know and love me. I have lived a charmed life. I have had the honor and privilege of traveling around the country and in England with my band The Slanderin, playing Rock-n-Roll for the young at heart.

We have put out 3 L.P.’s “Psychobilly Lives” on Destroy All Records, “A Rhumba of Rattlesnakes A Murder of Crows” on Split 7 Records and “Blue Ramblin” on Boss Beat Records and have been on countless compilations and 7 inches. We have opened up for or toured with nearly every Psychobilly and Punk band that had inspired me to start playing in the first place. The Meteors, Demented Are Go, Bat Mobile, Mad Sin, Banane Metalik, The Reverend Beat Man, The Quakes, Frenzy, The Falcons, Nekromantics, Tiger Army, Rancid, D.I., The Avengers, Naked Aggression, Dead Bolt, Three Bad Jacks, Calavera, Coffin Nails, and too many more to mention.

My short stories and poetry have been published over 40 times in several magazines. My monthly column “The Christian Bible” was featured in “Destroy All Magazine” for over a year. My first short story “Saturday Night With The P.W.P.” was published by Tim Armstrong’s label’s “Hellcat Magazine” back in 1997. They distributed over 10,000 copies of it all over the globe.

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