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Freddie Skintoff of Geoffrey Oi!Cott on the Road to Rebellion

Geoffrey Oi!cott - photo by Dod Morrison

Jase Kilvo a.k.a Freddie Skintoff is the vocals behind self-proclaimed ‘cricket punk Oi!’ band Geoffrey Oi!Cott. Jase speaks to The Punk Lounge about the upcoming Rebellion Festival (Oi!Cott are playing on the Sunday) and we’ve dropped in a song so you know exactly what you shouldn’t be missing at this year’s festival!

Is this your first time playing Rebellion? If not, when / how many times have you played before?
This is our 10th Blackpool Rebellion and plus 2 at Amsterdam. We’ve been really lucky in that respect.

What tips for other musicians do you have on applying to play Rebellion?
I think it helps if you are a little bit different, so emphasize those points. Saying you’re a cross between Discharge and Varukers isn’t going to help as those bands might be already there…it’s all about the uniqueness of your band.

What is your all time favourite Rebellion performance/moment? Who/what is your dream Rebellion performance?
Oh so many amazing performances over the years, but I’d probably say the first time Case played – it was in the Arena and I danced like a madman all through.

Dream performance? I’d love to see Jesse Hector from Hammersmith Gorillas, or The Jook play. That would be my dream, especially The Jook.

What is a must have thing for Rebellion?
My cricket bat – games of hallway cricket in the Clifton Hotel, then beach cricket and finally for on stage.

(Sam: I’ve bowled a few for Jase back when the Olympia existed and he hit one of mine for a six, so that goes to show his talent!)

Best hangover cure? 
I usually eat before I go to bed and drink a pint of water. Veggie Breakfast, then a sleep, then a pint of water and a pint of beer. I always pack Alka Seltzer, too, though..

What song can the audience NOT miss out on seeing you play?
I think Dawn Of The Dickie Birds / Running Into No One Hits is a great end to our set.

What day, time and stage are you performing?
8:05pm in the Pavillion on the Sunday – gonna be a hard slog as we are playing on Wednesday, too, and then 4 days boozing…

What are you currently working on or currently promoting?
Long term we are working on the 4th album, we have 4 songs sorted and maybe interested in sorting a split 7” or 12” out with someone… ideally we’d like to do a couple of videos over the summer to promote songs we have not released but have already recorded.

What is the best thing for you about Rebellion?
Seeing so many friends, getting to play to so many people who don’t normally get to catch one of our gigs, watching bands and acting the fool.

What do you think could be improved for your Rebellion experience?
A real ale pump back stage!

Anything else you would like to add?

It’s always the highlight of the year to be playing Rebellion, all the small bands are really grateful to be there. It means an awful lot when people watch us and sing along n’ dance. We are just fans really who get to play a gig and makes all the hard work worthwhile throughout the year.

Catch Jase Kilvo/Freddie Skintoff on the Sunday at Rebellion Festival where Geoffrey Oi!Cott plays the Pavilion at 8.05pm. Can’t make it? Click HERE for more tour dates.



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