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Freda Conlon talks about her style, shoes with holes in and budget make up

A great many people will have seen, and heard, of Freda Conlon on the punk scene.  Firstly with her band Kiss My Acid and more lately teasing a new project; Miss Fragile. Guaranteed to brighten up any room she walks into with her beaming smile and sense of fun here she talks to Gary Trueman about budget make up and shoes with holes in.

When did you first start getting into a more alternative look and who were the people that influenced you early on?

“I’ve literally been like this all my life, growing up with rock music, metal, punk and the like.  Green day, Joan Jett, I’m like a mix of everything really, just punk, emo, grunge. You can’t just stick to one genre.”

Who do you look at today who you think just rocks their image?

“Ooh, Pretty Addicted. Vish is class. There are loads of others but I don’t really look at people for their image. If I like their music then I like their music.”

With make up what brands do you use and do you tend to stick with the same ones.

“Pretty much cheap make up. I’m a properly trained make up artist. I went to college and studied it but I just want to play music. I used to use all the expensive stuff but now I just use whatever and don’t really give a shit.  Haha.”

One of the most noticeable things about you is your purple hair.  So what do you use on your hair and what do you use to look after your dreads?

“Most of my hair is all real but I have some extensions now. I’ve had dreads for like four years and I done them myself and dyed them pink and sometimes black. I use Live Colour XXL which is a fiver from Boots. I literally have no money so everything is cheap and everything I’m wearing is DIY, haha.”

How do you colour match your extensions because it’s impossible to tell colour wise?

“I don’t know I just got them on Ebay and they matched so happy days.”

What about all the accessories in your hair too

“Oh you’ve got to have the bling and the diamonds. I love glitter and diamonds and sparkly things. Even my guitar is sparkly. You’ve gotta have a bit of bling.”

Let’s talk about clothes.

“Do I even wear clothes?”

Well you are at the moment or you’d get arrested.

“Do these even count as clothes? I don’t really wear trousers or anything I just wear shorts. I make a lot of my clothes. If I like a band I’ll buy their t-shirt.  A lot of friends bands I’ve bought their t-shirts and people ask who are they, I’m always introducing people to new bands.”

Boots and shoes, there’s two distinct camps, people who have a couple of pairs of something practical or people who have a room full of all sorts. Which are you?

“I’ve got a million pairs of shoes but they’ve all got holes in them because I’ve got this things of buying the same shoe once they have a hole in them.  So I’ll just go out and buy them again. I pretty much just wear black shoes, with holes in.”

You have a few tattoos. When did you get your first one and what was it?

“My first few tattoos were DIY, the stick and poke, which I did myself. I was 13 when I got my first tattoo. I’ve got a load of Green day ones. All mine are really small and they all mean something to me as well.”

Have you found them addictive?

“They are but they’re expensive and I can’t be dealing with the stick and poke ones when you’re drunk because you’ll just end up getting them covered up.”

If they ever made a film of your life who would you want to play you?

“Argh! Who’s like me?  I have no idea.”

If you were stranded on a desert island what three vanity items would you have to have with you?

“I’d just be looking for cans and food I wouldn’t give a fuck what I looked like. You don’t need hair and make up if you’re stuck somewhere.”

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