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Fan of The Chariot and The Dillinger Escape Plan? Check out ‘Worn Out’…

Worn Out are a newly emerging hardcore/metal band hailing from Cork, Rep. Of Ireland. The band released their debut single in December 2017 and despite having only been around for five months they have a no-mess, established sound that wouldn’t sound out of place at Hammerfest or Download Festival.

Debut single ‘With False Hope’ is what bagged Worn Out a support slot with God Mother (Swedish hardcore band signed to Party Smasher Inc, a label owned by Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan). It’s an intense track with plenty of grit and excellent guitar-work. ‘With False Hope’ channels deep frustration into a solid hardcore track which is unafraid – a brilliant delivery from the often-overlooked Irish metal scene. The band released a brilliant video for ‘With False Hope’ too (directed by Rob O’Halloran) which sees two men fight for a mysterious, chained box.  The fighting dup were played by actors Alex Hurley and Shane Doonan.

‘Circle The Drain’, Worn Out’s latest single, is a worthy follow-up. Focusing on depression and anxiety, the track portrays a feeling of isolation whilst trying to hold on despite overwhelming pressure; “Like a deer in the headlights this was always the way…I’ve had enough of this, I refuse to play victim”. If ‘With False Hope’ doesn’t make you want to get down the front then ‘Circle The Drain’ has made your mind up for you. Check out their lyric video here…

Worn Out are a difficult band to find a negative for as a reviewer, if you like your hardcore you will be counting down the days till they announce a tour and although hardcore may not be everyone’s cup of ‘tea’ it’ll be difficult to deny that they have a professional sound and are quality songwriters. I am certainly excited to hear what comes out of Worn Out into the future and was keen to find out more about their plans…

You have two singles out so far, is there more to come out in the works soon?

Evan: Oh yes. We have more coming and they’ll be coming sooner than you know it. Right now we have momentum and we’re going to keep it going. We always have something else planned. You have to be two steps ahead or you’ll just come to an abrupt stop with no direction thinking “Now what?”

Brian: Sharks keep moving.

Xander: Of course. We have new music that we plan to release later in the year that we recorded a few months back. The response from playing them at the live shows has been great so I’m looking forward to the release.

Worn Out, OCT 2017

Photography by Shane Horan


Describe your live shows – what has the reception been like?

Evan: It’s been extremely good to be honest. After hiding away and getting the band ready for almost a year it’s very comforting knowing people have really enjoyed our shows as much as we’ve enjoyed playing them. The shows are like the release of everything else that becomes mundane as a band. Which is why we have so many more planned.

Xander: We had been a band for over a year before our first tune came out so it’s been great to see the response from people coming to our shows. The reception has only been positive besides the one or two lads who said they got hurt during our set. But that’s all part of it I guess.

Any plans to tour outside of Ireland in the near future?

Evan: Without a doubt. I’m not sure when but it won’t be too long. I’ve been putting feelers out and enquiring about shows in the UK so it’s only a matter of time.

Brian: We’ll be there as soon as possible, definitely. The stage we’re at now we’re still focusing on getting to as many places as possible but it becomes a logistical nightmare arranging for four people to get time off work, transport gear, sort flights and accommodation, all the unglamourous stuff. If people tell us they want to hear us then we’re more than happy to walk to their house to play though.

Isaac: That’s the plan. Who wouldn’t want to be cramped into a van with 4 other lads in discomfort while driving for hours on end?

Xander: Absolutely! If the opportunity came I’m sure we would all take it. But right now we are only focusing on Irish gigs.

A band you would LOVE to play with…

Evan: Every Time I Die for sure. I’d also love to open for Cher too.

Brian: Deftones, Every Time I Die, Russian Circles, it’s a tough question to answer because there’s still so many Irish or barely liminal bands that I’d still get excited about gigging with.

Isaac: Trash Talk. All of their shows are absolute madness.

Xander: The obvious thing to say would be Architects or Every Time I Die but I’d love to open for an act that’s completely different to our music. If you are good at what you do and show you give a shit, anybody would appreciate it.

The songs so far focus on depression, anxiety and general feelings of anger seemingly – is this a reflection of the times we live in now socially and politically or is Worn Out a place to exercise your own demons?

Xander: The music focuses on topics that anyone can relate with. Although when I am writing it does usually tend to get personal. But that’s what it’s all about. Everything I write means something that’s why I’m screaming it.

Something people don’t know about Worn Out…

Evan: Isaac’s grandparents used to live in the same house I live in at the moment and they had to hide someone from the IRA in my garden.

Brian: We make jokes constantly to hide the fact that we’re insecure about opening up to people.

Xander: We all think ‘Like I Love You’ by Justin Timberlake is class.

Isaac: I am king of the lizard people.

For more about Worn Out check out their Bandcamp or Facebook.

Photography by Shane Horan


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