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Excerpts from “The Blood” By Gitane Demone

I was poverty-stricken haven’t eaten the fruits of my children
I waited each day for the blood to return a wheat husk offered me shelter
I stole its dry butterfly for a coat scuttling exoskeleton Leigh through
the city of cockroaches my red-lipped volcano burning everything in sight
Beyond such a feast and sated with blood I wish to be the feed for raw anthracite
but could not find the way inside no belching traffic officer offers silent stiff information those straining against trousers buttresses
The streets flow with lava by lava saliva has the planets smirking and winking
it is they wish to kiss now inhale sweet powders of interstellar narcotica
breath, it is they who have possessed the faces of
19th-century courtesans

By Gitane Demone

About Gitane Demone:
DeMone’s music career spans more than 30 years. She came to prominence in the mid-1980s as keyboardist and backing vocalist of the influential deathrock band Christian Death.

In addition to her work with Christian Death, Demone has previously been a member of Pompeii 99, worked with Dreadful Shadows, and has had a solo career which has included three studio albums: Am I Wrong?Stars of Trash and The Reflecting Shadow. This poem is from her chapbook, THE BLOOD

You can listen to Christiaan Pasqulae chatting to Gitane on the following link in his recent podcast with the amazing lady here:

Gitane’s Facebook page:

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