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Empathy or ‘How to Self Destruct’

Collage by EI
Start fucking living again. 
Start fucking living again! 

Start fucking living before you want to die again 

Sigh again 

Cry again? 

Nope. Still can’t. 

Not since she left 


Now I’m hated again. 

We’re unrelated again. 

Her words cut like a fucking verbal blade once again. 

Split my skin once again 

Blade digs in once again. 


Or I don’t, for a friend. 

The counterweight. 

The ‘should I wait?’ 

Then, it’s-too-late 

So soon. 

Tonight’s relapse brought to you in part by: 
A perfect storm and a lack of resources. 
As per usual. 

No rest for the wicked, no sleep for the weak. 

Not tonight anyway. 

We give ourselves the benefit of the doubt so frequently that I sincerely doubt there’s much benefit to it. 

My reality is inconvenient for you and I am so sick of lending myself to your permissions. 

Just let me disappoint you. 

Quit making me try. 

Or accept the fact that I am a child of this desert 
I do not wish to fit into your cage. 
I am raised by foreign terrain in unpopular climates. 

My blood screams for revolution and my spirit roars with a fire that vibrates my bones and ignites me.  

Erin In.

Photo Credit: Kevin Spaghetti

I. WILL. NOT. ADAPT to your captivity. 

I will self-destruct first. 

Do not become a jackal 
Do not laugh with the hyenas 

How dare you?! 

How dare you. 

You and your company may have convinced yourselves otherwise but believe me; 

Warriors live here. 
And you can see them because they carved markings with razors into their own flesh and hide.  They forcibly removed elements from or off of their bodies in efforts to maintain their thrones. 
Literally fucking branded themselves! 

Who now, DARES challenge them!? 

Here the trouble brews 

I can hear the trouble brewing. 

We need to learn the patience to fix a broken system. 

We cannot simply soundproof our homes so we don’t have to hear the hyenas. 

Weak people follow evil people 

And the trouble brews 

Evil people corrupt the angry people 

And the trouble brews 

Angry people propagate the scared people 

And the trouble brews 

Scared people teach the young people 

And the trouble grows 

Empathy; or ‘How to Think Everything is Your Fault’ 

Because it just might be. 

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