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dragSTER – ‘Anti-Everything’ Album Review

I first saw dragSTER in the early 2000’s at one of their first gigs, in a little pub called The Beer Engine, in Coventry. They’ve come a long way since then, and this album is evidence of that journey.

Opening up with the short, punchy ‘Anti-everything’ you are pulled instantly into the album, hungry for more, and the more you get, the more you’ll want. 

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Photography by Chris Hill Photography for Rebellion Festivals 2017

“Broken By Design” took me right back to their earlier work, Fiona’s voice will have you singing along after only the first or second listen. ‘Burn It Clean’ comes across a little disjointed at first but grows on you, by about the halfway mark I was hooked and it set the scene perfectly for ‘Charmed To The Teeth’, which comes at you like an AK47 in full swing. Ryan’s drumming does an excellent job of keeping the pace at ramming speed.

By now I am totally hooked, I am liking this a lot, but then comes ‘Damned’. A little slower paced to the previous track, but for me this is the best track on the album. I have seen the video for this too, and it’s the best thing they’ve ever done.

‘Dark Roulette’ sounds like something from the Dead Kennedy’s until about two thirds in when the twangy guitar comes out. ‘Drone Pilots’ is a short little ditty. Only 49 seconds long, it failed to catch me, but in time I may come to appreciate it. ‘Enemies’ is a great sing-a-long and punch the air kind of track, kick the dog, curl your lip and get off your arse, it’s time to get the blood flowing.

‘One Bad Cop’ is the obligatory anti-police brutality song, it has a great hook and will definitely get you singing along. ‘Spit It Out’ is fast and furious, a headbanger of a track which is certain to get you ready to shout along to ‘Tokyo Joe’ – No Control. ‘United Decay’ ticked all the boxes for me, a good solid track that had me going from the start.

‘Vultures Circle’ struck me as the weakest track on this album, either it’s a shame because it is the last song and I wanted it to blow me away, or a brilliant ploy to get me to play the whole lot again, either way, this is dragSTER at their best, loud, fast and very, very catchy. All in all, this is looking like a classic album in the making.

dragSTER are:

Fiona – Vocals

Diesel – Rhythm guitar

Tom – Bass and baseball caps

Ben – Lead guitar

Ryan – Drums

‘Anti-Everything’ is available from the 17th August but you can pre-order it here. For more about dragSTER check out their website here

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