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Dogs in the Fight : Ever Forward

Artist: Dogs in the Fight
Album: Ever Forward
Label: Comandante Records/Crowd Control Media 
Release Date:  March 2018


The State of Idaho is known for potatoes, its farming communities, and Hells Canyon to name a few things.  But there are many hidden gems in that state that are just waiting to be discovered.  One of those gems is Dogs In The Fight – a street punk band out of the city of Boise.   Earlier this year, the boys of Dogs in the Fight went on tour and I was able to see them play in Philadelphia, PA.  They are a blast to watch live and overall a really solid group of guys.  They embody everything that is good about street punk and that entire scene.  Blue collar workers, dedicated musicians, and even better friends who are always there to give anyone a hand if they can.  Their debut album We Want Peace… But Are Ready for War! was really good and if they did not have a second album recently released, I would definitely be doing a review of that.  But since we’re on album #2, I will just encourage you to go and give that a listen as well!  But enough of my rambling, let’s move onto the focus of this review:  Ever Forward – the sophomore album from DITF.

Ever Forward has that homegrown ‘Oi!’ feel to it.  Sticking to their roots and staying true to their working-class lifestyle beyond their music.  There is a definitive theme that comes out with this album.  Ever Forward talks about the struggles that the masses face right now – loss, mental health issues, struggling to make a living, and the general feeling of dissatisfaction with the state of society.  Their music is absolutely ‘music for the people’.

Each song sounds distinctly different while still sounding cohesive in the sense of the overall sound for the album.  Jimmy’s basslines are strong throughout the album and compliment the talents of Clark and Colby on guitar.  On drums, Josh brings a street punk attitude and sets the tempo for the album, tying it all together to set the stage for Wayne to belt out their message on vocals.    

“Wake Up America” is the song that everyone needs to listen to.  Not just American punks or skinheads – the entire planet. ‘Trapped in a war, can’t run much more… If you want to survive come together and unite…’ It’s a message that rings true regardless of where you live.  Don’t avoid those hard conversations just because they make you uncomfortable. 

“Blue Collar Revolt” and “Privileged Life” talk about the working-class struggle and the problem with kids these days.  Then there are songs like “Anything Goes”, “Living Life”, “Time Will Tell”, and “Energized” – all of which have such a positive message to them.  If you’re having a bad day, listen to what these guys have to say.  You’re not alone, let the music give you comfort and know that positivity breeds positivity and you will see better days.

Overall, this album is worth listening to.  Take a moment, listen to it and then listen to it again.  Really take in the sentiments they are sharing with us.  After this album, I, for one, am looking forward to seeing where these stand-up gentlemen go from here.


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