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The Cornerstones of Hardcore – Discharge – on the Road to Rebellion.

It’s pretty damn near impossible to be a part of the punk, hardcore, or metal scene and to never have heard of Discharge.   Formed in 1977, they are another one of the UK’s great names of punk.  Discharge is definitely a cornerstone of the scene by being one of, if not the first real hardcore punk band to hit the scene.  Their drums are heavy and fast, their guitars distorted yet skillfully played, and the vocals are very much what you’d imagine true hardcore to sound like.  Discharge has had songs covered by bands such as Pro-Pain, Machine Head, and Napalm Death.  They’ve even had songs covered by mega-star metal bands like Metallica, Anthrax, and Sepultura.  

Discharge will surely have a hard-hitting set at Rebellion festival this year.  With 7 full-length studio albums released, the most current being 2016’s End of Days, there will something for all fans. Luckily for all our readers, Discharge took a few minutes out to speak with The Punk Lounge on their Road to Rebellion.


Is this your first time playing Rebellion? If not, when have you played before?

We’ve been playing this festival since it started in Morecambe when it was called Wasted, since then its been a staple festival for us we love it. We haven’t played since 2016 so we’re looking forward to coming back.


What is the best thing for you about Rebellion?

Getting to see old friends from around the world that I normally never get a chance to see. Rebellion is great for that, it’s like a reunion of sorts.


What tips for other musicians do you have on applying to play Rebellion?

I think it’s a lot harder for the newer lesser known bands to get on the festival. My advice to the new bands would be to get busy playing gigs and make a name for yourself and you’ll eventually get noticed. You get out of it what you put into it, so if you do nothing the rest of the year you can’t really expect a big festival to book a band that no one’s heard of.


What is your all-time fave Rebellion performance/moment?  Who/what is your dream Rebellion performance?  

 Rebellion is a great place to watch bands you normally would never get to see. I’ve watched a lot of bands I’ve never got to see and some led to disappointment and some were amazing. I remember being blown away watching T.S.O.L , never got to see them and they were amazing live


What is a must-have thing (what do you always bring that you cannot leave home without?) for Rebellion?

That’s the beauty of it…. you don’t need to bring anything because you end up on the piss for 4 days straight!


Best hangover cure?

More alcohol!


What part of a music kit do you think every artist should bring to Rebellion?

That’s entirely up to each individual. Some people don’t want to play on anything but their own gear…. they might have equipment that’s specific to their own sound and need their own stuff whereas other bands aren’t really bothered about what they’re playing on… but it does help to bring your own stuff so you’re not running around last minute trying to borrow someone’s amps, cables etc. 


What song can the audience NOT miss out on seeing you play?

Tough question! Some of my favourite Discharge songs to listen to aren’t necessarily the ones I enjoy playing.   On the other hand, some of the ones I love to play aren’t my favourite to listen to! But from a crowd perspective, “Hatebomb” goes down really well, as does “Decontrol”.  It really depends on the crowd and what they’re feeling.


What day, time and stage are you performing?

We’re playing Saturday night at 10:20 on the Club Casbah stage.


What are you currently working on or currently promoting?

We’ve been busy writing new songs for the next album. It’s been 2 years since our last album End of Days came out.  We think it’s about time we get the ball rolling on the next one.

Be sure to catch Discharge at Rebellion festival this year.  If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who will be making it, you can also click here for a link to their upcoming tours and releases.

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