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Desert Queen

She who gives love to the cactus remains forever thirsty 
Parched in her desert 
An ever expansive heart 
Yawning earnestly 
Begging to fill itself with love 
Sourcing it through caked, dry Earth 
Edges crack and tilt towards the sun 
Trying to outreach the heaviness that settled here when the last rains fell 
How long ago the rains fell. 

The things that survive here now, only know how to take. 
It never makes sense to hurt this much. 
To make such a mess 
Why does it always make such a mess? 

Like lightning screaming through the sky 
She bore into ground that taunted her with thirst 
Reaching deep into the soil 
She broke 
Sewing tears like seeds 

Fertile is the desert, when the rains come 

And the woman who gives love to the cactus 
Brings a storm that turns arid tundra into a garden 

Collapse here. 

Sing your sound of sweet sadness

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