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Colleen Caffeine – Create your own way and sound.

The Ramones..I had no friends, no boys liked me..but I had them. They never let me down, never cheated on me and were always there!

When, where and why did your dream as a musician begin?

My dream of being in a band started as a little girl in front of a mirror singing into my hairbrush pretending it was a microphone! I never thought I had the looks or talent of the singers I was pretending to be like Donna Summer or Linda Ronstadt but when I got a little bit older I realised it wasn’t about being them as it was about just being me.  I could be as talentless as I wanted to be and still do what I wanted to do! So that’s what I do 😊

When and why did you choose to sing?

It’s the first thing to identify with when you hear a song.. you want to be the song, to feel the song..its like being possessed and often appears that way on their faces when singers are in their moment !

Photography by Dod Morrison

Did this ever change, if so why?

I love songs and music and the process so much that I wanted to become all of it! I wanted to speak the other languages in the band too ..I wanted to speak in guitar and in drums. Understanding every place an instrument has helps make a more concise and tight band.

Do you play other instruments, if so which is your favourite to play and why?

I learned bass so I could translate sounds in my head to the rest of my band mates in the language that they understood. I wanted to learn drums because they are ridiculous! Think about it , every limb moving in different directions at different times takes a completely insane person to accomplish and understand.  I wanted to be that insane person so I learned them too. Ever notice every drummer has a “drum” face? Its because their brain is being scrambled when they play. The face they make is scrambled brains!

Major influences?

The Ramones ..they were my musical Bible…I default to loving other bands that sound like them… they are the blood running through my veins. They were the ones that let me know I was OK .  I was different , a dork. I had oily frizzy hair and pimples on my face .  I had no friends, no boys liked me..but I had them. They never let me down, never cheated on me and were always there!

Successes and failures along the way?

Successes are luck to me. Failures turn into successes if you never give up. Official successes ? I’ve won a few awards but I feel the biggest success is being befriended and loved by the punk community, like the people that are Rebellion festival. They are the most inclusive loving talented punk family.. it’s the only place I can go where I look conservative! 😊 The organisers, performers, workers and attendees are pure love and fun. Nothing will ever top that! Ever!

Any funny stories – lessons learned?

So many funny stories and lessons learned.. so many that I wrote a book called “Adventures in Cuntopia” available now thru me or on Amazon, like everything else 😊

Recommendations for those wanting to play an instrument, sing or get into the business?

I would tell anyone that wants to start a band to do it with your friends, the people you like to spend time with. You don’t have to be the best but you do need to get along, create and work together.. you will sacrifice time from your family, work and money to do this, so make sure you are with people who are fun, that you respect and like. If you tour you will also be trapped in vans with people and their smells …you must develop a high tolerance for stink!


Boys can be pretty stinky

I don’t understand that. Why do boys smell worse than girls?  If you want to learn an instrument, just do it.. you can do anything you want to in life.. pick up what you want and make noise .. keep making noise ..make the noise you want to make until you figure it out. Do your own thing. Create your own way and sound. We need new, not just copies.

Your future plans..

I’m going to try to do my best to stay alive and not piss anyone off!

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