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Children Of The Graveyard Stones

Children Of The Graveyard Stones – The Story Of The Screaming Dead

By Roland Link, book review by Wayne Reid


When I first heard the Sex Pistols I was blown away, my life changed. When Discharge came on my record player for the first time I was equally impressed. Then there came another band I was absolutely mad about, The Screaming Dead. So as soon as I found out there was a book about them I had to get my hands on a copy, for purely professional reasons of course…

Roland Link has written the definitive history of one of the most overlooked bands of the Punk/Post-Punk/Goth era, those wonderful years from 1979 to the late 80’s when music was as colourful and diverse as the people who supported it, when the first wave of Punk bands had given way to the bristles, studs and spikes of a new generation. When hair was big, mohawks stood shoulder to shoulder with boys and girls in crushed velvet, leather and lace. Deathrock was unheard of and Napalm Death had yet to score their first bottles of cider. At the forefront of much of this change was a little outfit from Cheltenham, The Screaming Dead.

Their story is one of missed opportunities, poor decisions, bad judgements and management.  Roland Link describes in detail the rise and fall of a band who so nearly could have been, should have been, so much more than they’re credited for. In-depth interviews with the band, anecdotes and embarrassing confessions fill each page with an honest recollection and record of their history,  complemented by a full Gigography and Discography spanning their early years, with photos and fliers from many of their gigs, as well as their recent reformation and reincarnation to the time of its publication, Children Of The Boneyard Stones, The Story Of The Screaming Dead is an absolute must for any fan of the band, as well as those who may have missed them the first time around, or anyone who happens to be curious about life and music in 1980’s Great Britain. Well written,  researched and delivered in an impressive hardback cover, this book is now sold out, so if you find a copy, buy it, read it and keep it in a safe place.


The book is copyright Roland Link and (may possibly be) available through the website


Roland Link is also the author of two books about Stiff Little Fingers (Kicking up a racket, What you see is what you get) as well as another about the band Ruts / Ruts DC (Love in Vain).


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