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The Blue Carpet Band

The Blue Carpet Band are a London based act who are really starting to catch people’s attention. The Blue Carpet Band’s influences are a mix of Rock ‘n’ Roll, with punk and garage rock.  Their sets are lively, sweaty affairs aimed to get the crowd moving. Frontman Djamel’s explosive performances backed up by the solid musicianship of his bandmates make them an exhilarating live proposition. They’ve been pretty busy of late, signing to Flick Knife Records and hitting the road. Their debut album Rock and Roll carpet, released last year, was warmly received, capturing some of their sleazy swagger on record. You can read their Rebellion based insights below.

Feature photo courtesy of The Blue Carpet Band via Facebook


The Blue Carpet Band’s Thoughts on Their Road to Rebellion…


Is this your first time playing Rebellion? If not, when have you played before?

Yes it is our first time and we are buzzing


What tips for other musicians do you have on applying to play Rebellion?

Just keep rocking and playing around the country tearing the stage up where ever you go.  Also attending Rebellion and meeting people at Rebellion is another good way for the organizers to hear about your band.  It’s always great to have regular rebellion goers mentioning your band.


What is your all-time fave Rebellion performance/moment? Who is your dream Rebellion performance?

Really looking forward to seeing The Buzzcocks and the Macc Lads.  Also our friends The Restarts, Pizza Tramp, Suckerpunch, and Morgellons. The Cramps would have been amazing.

What is a must-have item for Rebellion?

Buckfast!  You can never have too much Buckfast! 


Best hangover cure?

More Buckfast and a nice strong spliff.


What part of a music kit do you think every artist should bring to Rebellion?

Ideally their instruments and whatever you need to pull off the best performance you can


What song can the audience NOT miss out on seeing you play?

“No Cadillac”.  No matter how tired or hungover you are when we play this, you will be dancing like a maniac.


What day, time and stage are you performing?

We are playing on Thursday at 1:45 pm at the Pavilion Stage


What is the Blue Carpet Band currently working on or currently promoting?

We have released our album Rock n Roll Carpet Relaid on Flicknife Records so promoting that is our main goal but we are currently in the process of writing our second album which we believe will be something to look forward to in the near future.  You can listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll Carpet Relaid here on Spotify.  Also, you can buy it here on Amazon, or from Flick Knife Records.


What is the best thing for you about Rebellion?

The opportunity to play to a larger audience than normal.  And to be heard by people who might not have had the chance before.


What do you think could be improved for your Rebellion experience?
I think free Buckfast backstage would be very helpful!

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