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Billy Tee – DONT DO DRUGS kids you hear!

So…where to begin? I guess I really started to dream about being in a band at around 8 yrs old, after getting the Adam & The Ants Prince Charming L.P as my first real record and played it on repeat on my tiny mono record player for the next 10 years, but it wasn’t really until I found a copy of a Lords Of The New Church ‘ Live at the Spit’ in a second-hand record store in my hometown in ’89, that I really got the urge to be a performer. Bands like The Dogs D’Amour, Dead Boys, Hanoi Rocks, The New York Dolls, The Sex Pistols. The Murder City Devils and Iggy all massive influences. ‘Cardboard Town’ and ‘On The Rocks’  by the Dogs D’Amour fed me my lust for the lowlife. I read Bukowski, I drank Thunderbird wine, smoked Marlboro reds and swaggered about in my silver-tipped boots, I was a kid, I was a walking clique, pretty much still am haha,  more interested in the decadence than anything else really , it spoke to my outcast and bullied teenage angst and I drifted quickly into the drug scene, romanticizing the gutter-life and sure enough I soon descended into the same holes my heroes sang about and its taken me over 25 years to manage to crawl my way back out of it.


My first band, a laughable affair named ‘Drunken Debauchery’ was formed in 93/94, I forget exactly, but, Jesus, what a state that was, we played one show, my first ever show, after three practices, and covered The Anti Nowhere Leagues ‘ Woman’.We were awful. Amazingly almost 23 years later I had the joy of supporting ANWL twice at the 100 Club with my lot The Black Bullets.

After that disastrous first attempt in a band, I stopped for many many moons. Eventually, I picked up the guitar and started doing trash covers down my local boozer. Now I’m not a guitarist by any means, but I gave it a good go, often getting lumped with 40-minute support slots for local punk bands. It was hard work, especially for a guitarist as shit as me. Fortunately, I was picked up by a bunch of gnarly fuckers called Junction XIII, and they were asked me to be their front-man. They played furiously fast and dirty punk n roll and it was perfect for me. We carved ourselves a brief stint of drunken notoriety, toured the UK with U.S Sleaze kings Crank County Daredevils and enjoyed supporting Towers Of London when their manager told us his band were shit and would rather work with us. Of course, that didn’t happen Junction burnt ourselves out through excessive drug and drink abuse.

I learnt a lot of lessons through my drug idled stupidity, I’ve learnt to respect the other bands, the audience, other peoples lives, being an arrogant coked up prick won’t win you any favours however cool and rebellious you think you’re being at the time. I got Junction and The Bullets barred from many a venue. whilst playing a show, swinging from a chandelier and pulling it out of the ceiling is just one occasion.

Bands always have highs and lows and we’ve had our fair share. We have had to replace the original singer, who went to the states and married Kory Parks of Nashville Pussy fame, then replace the guitarist who magnificently has gone onto great things with his own band and to playing for Warrior Soul and Jizzy Pearls Love/Hate. We are currently on our third bassist in three years. Each one awesome in their own light but our current four-stringed wonder, Alice has helped us take it up a notch with her killer live performances. Carl, our drummer is the only original member haha.  Hopefully, this is how it stays. As for highs, there have been many, great, great gigs mostly, playing with great bands like Starsha Lee, Backyard Babies, U.K Subs, Main Grains, The Idol Dead, L.A Guns, The Dogs D’Amour even. Playing on a cruise down the Thames with Warrior Soul has to be a personal highlight this year along with NLC Fest and HRH.  Cracking gigs, cracking audiences. After we are nothing without an audience.

When people ask me about ‘getting into the business’ I normally say ‘don’t’  haha. Don’t let it become ‘a business’, as soon as it becomes a ‘business’ it loses its mystic and the fun just gets sucked out, also avoid pouring stupid money into it, money always destroys a band eventually. Keep it D.I.Y never lose sight of who you really are and most importantly of all…DONT DO DRUGS kids you hear  😉

Having said all that, we, The Black Bullets have quite an exciting next few months taking us into 2019. we have a brand new single and video ‘When The Devil Comes Knocking’ being released on Nov 16th through The Animal Farm Records, which is just a taster for our album due for release in the middle of next year.  We will be starting a pledge campaign for that in January. We are supporting  the  legendary Darrell Bath and his outfit  The Crybabys in  Dec at The Hope and Anchor, Islington and  have a few fantastic festivals already booked next year, Call Of The Wild, Amplified, Dementia Aware Fest in London and we return for the second running, to the awesome up and coming Alice’s Wicked Tea Party Festival . We are in discussions with promoters about a possible tour Germany and  Spain again but don’t hold your breath …not with Brexit hanging over our heads like a noose for all of the U.Ks  underground music scenes. Best of luck to all of us!

My dream mic…  I have spent most of my singing career using microphones  already supplied by the venues and sound engineers so I’m not particularly knowledgeable on that stuff but if I were to have the money to buy my dream mike I guess id buy a Neumann KMS 105 MT, preferably wirelessly rigged and a custom built , single piece mike stand along the lines of Steven Tylers but id probably  break them in a week anyway .

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  • Nice Read
    Saw you support the Adjusters in Wigan & was hooked – new singer new players but still rock n roll

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