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Beauty Box Talk… With Erin Incoherent

Erin Incoherent

Welcome to my Beauty Box Talk, where I talk about inner and outer beauty. What’s in the box today? Outer beauty and a week of ‘looks’

My make up journey is brief. It just recently began, within the past year.
My friend gave me a neon Shany eyeshadow palate and a box of brushes after I had told her that I felt like I was beginning to have fun doing my makeup and wanted to explore more with it.
The rest is history writing itself currently (I believe that’s how the saying goes…)

I use makeup as another artistic form of expression. It’s personal to me. It’s a creation of the spirit of myself mixed with the spirit of the day (or night) ahead. So that’s why Its always so very different and diverse. It’s a demonstration of how I’m feeling at the time I apply it.

I like to use vivid colour a lot but have also created looks based out of berries and nudes. My current hair colours sometimes impede or limit the number of colours I can use but I’m not searching for one specific way to do my make up, and I really enjoy trying to challenge myself to create new looks with different schemes of pattern and colour.

If you’re just getting into makeup, my advice is to not feel forced into doing what every other person does.
Example, I don’t wear coverup. Not for me. I don’t fill my eyebrows in either. I don’t highlight or contour or even curl my lashes.
I also don’t spend a lot on makeup.
Maybe one day I will do those things or want to purchase upscale products, and that’s fine.

I just don’t feel pressured to express myself in a manner that’s not what I want to do.
I like colour. I like lipstick. I like feeling like a Carnivale warrior princess from hell some days, and a gothic queen of squalor and no remorse on others.
And I encourage those of you forging your own path with makeup, to do the same.
Feel sexy! Be bold! Tell your story! Who are you today? What does that person look like?
You really only need a few things to start. Stop by an Ulta beauty and find an affordable palate, brush set and eyeliner and then roll yourself a joint and go paint your face, soldier. Time to get weird with it.

Got a beauty question you need to be answered? Send it below to be featured in a future Beauty Box Talk!

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