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Beauty Box Talk #4: Outer Beauty and a Week of ‘Looks’

Welcome to my Beauty Box Talk. This weeks box has outer beauty and a week of ‘looks’ in it. 

When I’m thinking about the looks I’m creating, I’m thinking about the angles and the shadows and the negative spaces. Asymmetry is huge for me. 

I’m thinking about each piece like a different layer. Each adding a new, subtle touch. I never have a plan. I should start by saying that. It’s just not how I operate with makeup for now. 

I have a collection of cheap brushes, lipsticks and palates from clearance bins in beauty stores. I’m looking for colours, shimmers, textures and patterns. 

Everything strikes my fancy. I don’t want to become routine. 

I’m happy I still feel like I have so much I want to explore here. It’s better than being bored with it. 

Still struggling for inspiration? Think about your favourite things. What can you create that is inspired by your favourite movie or painter? What about the wildflowers by your house? What colours do they use? 

Don’t feel limited by your facial features, either. Incorporate them! It’s all about becoming comfortable painting your face as a canvas. 

This is your world, weirdo. We’re all just gawking at you from the sidelines. Fly that freak flag!

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