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Banging on pillows with Adam Gomez


Photo by Jason Cook

 1. When:  1990.  Milli Vanilli’s album ‘Girl You Know It’s True‘ on Arista Records was No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard charts.

Where: El Sereno (Los Angeles), CA. We moved out a few years later, after a drive by that went down next door. The gangsters that shot up the neighbor’s house were’nt good shots AT ALL. My dad’s grey (primer) Honda accord got some shots popped into it, and it was parked in front of OUR house. Come on, dudes… But I’m actually from Echo Park, CA. right off of Sunset and Echo Park Blvd.
Why: I was born with an artistic brain and, being a kid, I made stupid decisions.
2. When: 1990. ‘Pretty Woman‘ was in Theaters. The movie cover has Julia’s face super imposed onto her stunt double’s body, and Richard Gear’s hair is colored black, even though his hair is grey in the movie. Yah, look it up.
Why:  Probably because the dark hair just popped more on the cover.
Other Instruments: I started off playing Cello in grade school,  and got pretty smokin’ at Three Blind Mice.
Then I wanted to move onto Violin, but onced i realized how uncomfortable it was to hold it properly, i hated it. Then I moved onto electric guitar. I can also mess around with bass guitar, piano and baby-sized shakers (I literally just finished doing a baby shakers track with The Queers in their studio just now). Neon green ones to be exact. One, to be even more exact.
Favorite to play? Neon pink baby-sized shakers.
3. Influences: Mr. Bungle, Tim Burton films and horror movies.
4. Failures: Having to Pay off my student loans until the year Lollapalooza decides to have the ghost of Mily Cyrus headline as a hologram.
Successes: Playing drums for bands I grew up listening to, while getting paid slightly more than I would at my day job, and marrying a hot P.E. teacher and having a beautiful baby girl who grabs faces super hard and tries to put every inanimate object on earth into her mouth.
5. Funny Story: My first tour with The Dickies, driving over the Verrazano Bridge in NYC, I was gulping down some orange juice while Leonard was on a roll with making up his own lyrics over “Runaround Sue“. I choked on my OJ and started puking out of the side door of the van while it was still in motion. Funny! I guess?
Lesson learned: Focus on what you’re doing at the moment, always.
6. Recommendations for those wanting to play drums: If you don’t have a drum set yet, start air drumming, banging on pillows, etc. Once you get a drum set, you’ll be ready to rock.
7. Future Plans: I’m really looking forward to doing more studio drum work. That’s always been (and still is) a very important goal of mine to establish. I definitely have the experience and training.
adam gomez

Photo by Jason Cook


Dickies just did China, and a U.S. west coast tour with The Queers, a “live score-to-film” performance of Killer Klowns From Outer Space with The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra and right now (as I’m typing this in my hotel room) we are on another Queers/ Dickies tour on the East Coast. We’re in Kentucky somewhere right now. By the way, have you seen wasps in north Carolina? Gnarly!!! We’ve got a Euro tour coming up in July, and it’s rumored we are going to NYC to do a couple of special “albums in their entirety” performances in October this year.

New Albums:

A new and FINAL album with The Dickies. Coming soon, I think? and also a couple of EP’s with my sister’s band Bueno. Its fun stuff.
Sites: My own site. It’s got a blog, tour dates, songs and other stuff.

Final Part:

1: (a) I don’t think you can tell everyone to start on one specific instrument. You gotta just go where your heart and brain take you. explore any instrument you feel a curiosity for. If you lose interest, dont give it another thought. Just move on.
(b) If youre a kid reading this, then i’d tell you the amount should be whatever your parents can spend.
If youre a grown person, I’d tell you NOT to spend fourteen hundred bucks on a DW kit. Not the smartest way to start. You might get frustrated with your devolpement, and move onto another instrument.
2. I play Yamaha drums. I just recently (officially) became part of the Yamaha family. Crazy, right!? I have a “Gig Maker” that Ive been using since 2012 that I call “The Exorcist” because of it’s bright green color (like Reagan’s split-pea puke in the movie) which ran me about three hundred and forty bucks. Since I’ve signed on with Yamaha, they were cool enough to grace me with a Tour Custom Maple kit, which I believe would be around thirteen hundred buckaroonies.
3. A huge, shiny, neon green and pink colored flying saucer drum set that looks like a huge baby toy. Made by Yamaha. That has blinky lights.

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  • Teresa Cruz

    Who was the drummer on the milli vanilli video girl you know it’s true?

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