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Auto Pilot Go Album Review

ALBUM: Buzz’ard

ARTIST: Auto Pilot Go


Remember the simpler times? Way back before MTV became a wasteland of reality TV and just before there was an influx of prefabricated pop acts, there was a good mix of rock acts. Blending elements of punk and alt-rock, UK based act, Auto Pilot Go would have fit right into the rotation with Nirvana, Rancid, Pixies and Blink 182. If any of that sounds like your bag, then you’ll want to give them some of your time.

Starting with a one minute intro, the album calmly leads you into a solid rock album that makes for great listening while battling the morning commute. Be prepared to tear up the steering while mimicking the drumming of Jake Eaton. It’s too damn catchy not too. That intro leads to a smack in the face with a guitar riff and drum combo that sounds like it could be a lost Nirvana track. “The Number &” could possibly be my favorite track.

The next couple tracks don’t let up either. Great bass playing on “Peace Love” by Becca Swinney. Probably the stand out track for her skills. I think lead singer, Matt Kidr’s vocals stand out more so on “Punk Don’t Break My Heart”. His voice gives it a passionate feeling on what is more than likely a love letter/plea to the punk rock genre. Only on “Freeze Dried Dead” do they start to slow down. Even then, it’s only for brief moments. That’s in no way a criticism either. It shows that they can switch up their playing style and are conscientious of not wanting to be a one trick pony. The final track, “Buzz’ard”, seems like the perfect one to end on. Giving every last drop of sweat they have  to tear it up one final time like it’s the last song of a live show. You can almost picture the audience jumping and pumping their fists to this punk anthem.

The album itself is available on your favorite digital outlets such as iTunes or Spotify. As far as a physical copy well, you’ll have to attend one of their shows. Their previous EP is White Light which was recorded in 2009 and released in 2017. Wanna know why? Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait for my interview then. Stay tuned to The Punk Lounge for that as well as other exciting things.

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