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A Splash Of Colour: A Look At Rebellion 2018 Hair And Fashion

Rebellion festival may be billed as a punk music festival but it also plays host to a great many people who rock the visual side of things too.  It’s a prime location to strut your stuff whether you are understated and practical or choose a more flamboyant look.  As always there were plenty of variations on the mohawk in evidence at this years event.  But the ‘hawk’ wasn’t the only style to catch the eye at the Winter Gardens this August.

Ultra short hair and maximum use of colour throughout really makes a statement.  It’s bold and as demonstrated by Emily Flea it’s easy to combine traditional black eye liner with bursts of colour.  It’s a fun look for a festival.  Head tattoos are go hand in hand with punk and we think Laura Kenyon’s looked fantastic with her short red hair making hers really stand out.  Alice Hour nailed a casual cool look which took in shades and a Jack Daniels vest top along with her classic length green hair side shaved to perfection.

There was a great variety of looks making use of longer hair and accessories too. Arlette Grossman used her deep green hair as the theme for her make up complimented with pale cotton falls and a chain harness.  There was more gothica on offer from Ellie Mental who looked stunning in cyber locks and cleverly put together key choker.  Her double bites put a fresh twist on piercings too.  If it’s sheer blingtastic colour you like then you’d have fallen in love with Debby-Jean Williams ultra vibrant hair and cotton dreads.  Her use of make up and accessories was peerless.

The sheer variety of style and colour of hair was quite amazing, just as it is every year at Rebellion.  Of course there were many amazing ‘hawks’ to be seen throughout the weekend and here are just three of them.  Oonagh sported a blue set of spikes a mile high with classic leopard spots making this a striking look.  Lisa Duffy could be seen each day with various versions of her summer glow pink and yellow punkette style.  We loved that scary black flower and safety pin chain.  And finally, how could anyone forget LaKatrina and her amazing combination of liberty spikes and pin up curls.  It took her three hours to get her hair to look that good and we think it was time well spent.

The Punk Lounge love and appreciate how much effort people put into their look.  Punk fashion in all its forms has become an iconic part of alternative life and it’s always wonderful to see it so well represented at Rebellion and around the world.  We’d like to thank all of the women featured here for taking part in this feature and making time to have their photos taken.  Without you and many others Rebellion and other events would be a much duller place.

Feature and photos by Gary Trueman




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