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Dis-Grace host Rebecca Crow talks makeup, hair and tattoos!

Alternative model, fire performer, burlesque artist and pod caster. Rebecca Crow does them all along with hosting Dis-Grace the only officially endorsed Suicide Girls club night in the world.  So if anyone is going to put make up, hair and clothing through a real test it’ll be the chirpy blue haired Londoner.  Here’s what she had to say about her image and style as she chatted to The Punk Lounge’s Gary Trueman.

What are your first memories of experimenting with an alternative look?

“My very vivid first memory of an alternative look would probably be my year six disco.  I had black jeans, I had a top that I’d had since I was a child and it was stained and awful so I dyed it black.  So I wore all black and I crimped my hair and my mother gifted to me my very first eyeliner, so I had big fat eyeliner and giant crimped hair.  I had a mesh top on as well.  I walked into the room and the music just stopped, it was great.  I remember thinking I like everyone looking at me.”

Was there anyone around at that time who you saw and admired for their look, so much so they inspired you?

“Well I was always listening to bands and stuff, my parents were bikers and my mum took me to a Guns N Roses concert in her stomach, so yeah, the covers of my parent’s albums.  I’d always flick through my dad’s records.  So just bands from the 70s, 80, and 90s.”

Are there any current performance artists that you think have a particularly memorable style?

“A lady who works for me quite often called Bambi Blue, She has got her brand down to a tee.  Her costumes are meticulously made and she puts so much effort into them all.  They’re always so extravagant  and phenomenal.  Even when she’s just walking down the street she’s always in a full length silk dress or a kimono with a feather coming out of her head.  She lives and breathes her brand and I think that’s really important.  If you have a brand you need to maintain it all the time.”

You have a background in make up.  Do you stick with the same brands or flit around and experiment with new ones?

“I worked as a make up artist before I was a model and worked for brands such as Urban Decay and Too Faced so that got me into the more alternative make up scene.  I stick to what I know with things like foundation.  I have quite temperamental skin so I think in these cases it’s best to find what works for you and stick with it.  I don’t experiment with colour so much because I have colourful hair.  But I am always buying different products.  It’s fun for me, make up is an art form.  It’s like drawing on paper, I just draw on my face.”

Do you use the same make up on stage that you use in everyday life?

“Totally different things.  On stage I do a full face make up.  Heavy eye make up and heavy lips, heavy contouring, heavy everything.  In real life I don’t really wear too much make up.  I wear a light base on the skin, a powder foundation, then maybe a little bit of nude lipstick and some eye lashes, so totally different but similar products.”

What is your one favourite item of make up that you just can’t do without?

“My favourite item of make up is something that I’ve only discovered recently and that’s my foundation from Bare Minerals.  It’s so much kinder on my skin and I literally can’t live without it now.”

One of your trademarks is your long vivid blue hair which actually was quite a bit shorter not that long ago.  Tell us about your hair story.

“My hair story is a very long tale.  I’ve been dying my hair since I was about 14 and was dying it black before then but more colourful looks from 14.  When I was a young teenager I used to be abler to sit on my hair and then I decided when I left school it would be a great idea to dreadlock my hair.  So I dreadlocked my hair which ruined it and I had to get them all chopped out and I had hair that was an inch all over.  Then I bleached my hair and changed the colour all the time and burned my hair too so it ended up back at about an inch long.  That was a nightmare.  I then let it grow for a while and did purple for a while but settled on blue which is a colour I always go back to.  I have quite dark natural hair so I let that grow out to about down to my eyebrows and then bleached it.  That’s kind of my routine now and it’s finally recovered enough to grow and now it’s almost down to my nipples which is where I want it.  I use crazy colour or just a shop bought blue.”

What hair products do you use.  With dye do you just throw on whatever you find?

“I literally just throw anything on there.  Recently I used a dye called Lunar Tides which is vegan and cruelty free and is very bright and very vivid.  Now I use a colour called colour freedom from Superdrug and comes in a big tube.  I never used to use shop bought dyes, I would go to a hair place and buy Wella or Directions or something like that.  This comes in a massive tube and is really intense.  My hair is an uneven tone but this covers it and it all goes the same colour.”

Do you use anything on your hair to keep it in good condition?

“Coconut oil, it’s a godsend.  I use it all over my body, inside, outside, I clean my teeth with it.  It’s a godsend if you have dry hair but don’t go too mad with it because it is an oil and it will make your hair greasy as hell.”

Stage clothes, modelling clothes, and everyday clothes.  Where do you get your clothes from?

“I actually don’t know where I get my clothes from, I just kind of acquire them.  My stage stuff I get mostly off of Ebay.  I search for random things.  I do get stuff from China.  They make it cheap but it’s usually quite good quality.  My guess is they have a bit of an anime culture, it’s dramatic stage wear, lots of leather and things like that.  Sometimes I make it, buying things and customising them is my favourite thing to do.  Apart from that I just wear black everyday, very boring.”

What about shoes and boots?

“I have a lot of shoes from New Rock, I think they’re brilliant.  I wear them on stage and off it.  They’re so comfortable and they last forever.”

You have a lot of tattoos.  So what was the very first tattoo you got, and what was the last one?

“The very first tattoo I got on my 18th birthday was because I had a pet Leopard Gecko and she died and I was very sad, so I got it on my ribs.  It’s a Leopard Gecko and it’s really shit, just a black outline and random splodges of yellow and brown.  I got her name and that’s blown up so it’s just a blob.  My latest tattoo was by Emily Malice who is also a Suicide Girl and she did my lips on the back of my calf which is the logo for my podcast.  That was to commemorate my starting that chapter of my life.”

You have a really cool look, but who do you think would be the best person to play you in a film?

“I have no idea! I would like someone like Helena Bonham Carter because I think she’s as unhinged as I am.  I don’t know and I’m really bad with actors names, so let’s go with her.”

As you get older are you going to accept the march of time or stay a blur haired badass until the day you die?

“I will go down kicking, fighting and screaming in flames, probably literally on fire.  I think the mind stays young when the heart stays young.  If you continue to play and have fun you’ll stay young forever, so I will continue doing what I do until the day I die.”

Chats and snaps by Gary Trueman

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