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New Myths NYC trio interview


JP: How did the three of you get together to form New Myths and where did the name come from?

Marina: Brit reached out to Rosie and me after watching Spinal Tap. But really! Rosie and I played in a band together through high school (think angry teenager music) and Brit and I both went to the same school growing up. Later, Brit and Rosie met when going to the same music program at NYU. So, although we had all known each other in varying degrees, it was Spinal Tap that was really the tipping point of the formation.

As far as the name goes, we came up with a good couple of pages of potential names, and New Myths was really the only one that we all felt strongly about. You want to find something that gives your sound room to grow, which is a surprisingly tricky task.

JP: What are your musical influences?

Marina: The three of us have pretty varied music tastes, which actually overlap pretty nicely. We could list music influences forever, but I would say a handful of them would be Garbage (obviously), Nine Inch Nails (Brit just saw them live, I need to get on that train), The Beatles (I would say that’s a heavy Rosie influence), Madonna, Elastica, The Pretenders, Siouxsie and the Banshees, St. Vincent, etc. etc. You know, the good shit.

JP: I actually finally saw NIN live myself. Great show. Any funny road stories to share?

Brit: Every time we get on the road it’s ridiculous! Too many stories to tell, too little time to tell em all!

JP: What do you like about travelling to other locales and playing live? Are there places you have yet to play and want to?

Rosie: It’s always exciting to play in front of new crowds in new places. So often, we’ve found that crowds outside of NYC are so warm and welcoming, it’s really great! We’ve yet to play on the West Coast, but we’d also love to play in England and Japan someday.

JP: What has been the biggest challenge as a band?

Rosie: I feel like every day is a new challenge for a band. One of the biggest challenges we’ve had though is sorting out all of the “business” kinds of things. We’ve all grown up playing in bands and creating, so it’s really a trip to have to wrap our heads around being “business owners” and all that.

JP: When can we expect the new album? Also, please tell me there will be a tour with a few dates in the Baltimore or Philadelphia areas.

Rosie: We can’t give you an exact date for the new record, but soon!! And we’ll definitely be playing around the East Coast a lot more in the upcoming months.

JP: Where is the best place to keep up with new music, merch and all things New Myths?

Brit: The best place is our website or Instagram page [ ] / @newmyths – we make sure to keep them updated with all our tour dates, new music, videos, merch and latest shenanigans.

JP: Any parting words to fans?

Brit: We are super appreciative of our supporters and fans and want them to know how much we love them.  It’s the support of our fans that allows us to be able to keep doing what we do and without it, we wouldn’t be able to exist!

JP: Thank you, ladies. You are wonderful, and I can’t wait to see you tear it up again on stage.

NYC trio with an alt-rock/post-punk sound that would fit right in on a weekend night at CBGB with the likes of Blondie and Siouxsie & The Banshees. Be sure to check out New Myths on Spotify, iTunes and BandCamp.

Feature image by Lissy Elle Laricchia

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