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The Punk Lounge Team

Nikki Finnie

Founder and editor in chief

Co-Founder and Editor in chief of The Punk Lounge online magazine. UK Blog award winner 2015, and been named one of the top 15 event planners in the world with awards to match. An extensive background in marketing and business as well as the creator and technical director of The Punk Lounge. Desperately tries to be serious but ultimately ends up saying the dumbest of shit. Too honest for her own good, blunt and very sarcastic! She is super friendly and will always help anyway she can!

Gary Trueman

I’m Gary Trueman and I’m a freelance photographer by trade. I’m also a music journalist and editor. My earliest experiences of rock music came by being taken to see Deep Purple when I was seven and then bands such as Iron Maiden and Motorhead in my early teens. Since then I’ve followed not just metal but punk and almost anything else designated ‘alternative’. I was a DJ for many years before taking a break and then switching to writing and photography. I’m a passionate feminist (yes guys can be as well) and a very keen supporter of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. I’m also a big supporter of emerging acts. They are the future. I live with my wife Tracey and our menagerie. When not behind a camera or keyboard I’m usually found working with our rescue horses (we also have cats, dogs and a pet sheep called Shauna) or occasionally out playing pool and having a cheeky pint or three. I drive a Land Rover Defender because even a luddite like myself can mend one of those. I love hot curry and cold cider, but almost any alcohol will do. I have no idea why anyone thinks pineapple is something you should put on a pizza but I’m happy to accept it takes all sorts. Variety is after all the spice of life, and I like spice.

Erin Marie

Writing about people that make magic

I may be small, but what I lack in stature I make up for in personality! I’m an American from Los Angeles newly married to a Brit and living in Lyon, France. I did social work in the U.S. and was active in the music scene, so I am pretty good at dealing with and reading people. I’m finding my footing in France by eating and drinking my way through Lyon then running it all off with half marathon training. I love record collecting, red wine, writing, cider, all sorts of music (my husband said he knew I was a nut job the minute he saw my record collection,) and going after bootlegger companies illegally reproducing my husbands’ band merch. I speak too loudly, laugh too manically and hug too much which makes for all sorts of awkward encounters. 💫


Founder/Organiser of Blackpool Music Festival, Jon Bamborough has his fingers in many pies (especially the Meat & Potatoe variety) He is stage manager for several festivals including Nice & Sleazy, 0161 Manchester, Blackpool Jazz & Blues and Blackpool Music Run. A committed Trade Unionist he is an active member of PCS and Chair of the British Association of Journalists. A former Councillor, Jon is a Labour Party activist and volunteer for local charities Streetlife and Blackpool Food Bank. In his spare time (lol!) he plays bass, keyboards and is lead vocalist for Post Punk Industrialists Toxic Tangerine.

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