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Jonny Wah Wah asks Kelly from the band Tiger Sex a few questions about her unique on stage look and delves into the emotions and motivations that go into her extraordinary and exciting live performances …. 

Do you have a “look” or an “Image”?  I don’t know, do I?

Do you dress to impress or to feel ok?  Honestly I usually make my own and mostly thrift it up. Whatever is cheapest because I usually ruin everything I wear during our set? I would be naked if I could as I feel the most free but I do dress so we can play every venue we book. I’ve been kicked out and received “rules” to certain places and I don’t want to restrict my other band members from playing because of my full frontal freedom…..


Are the “Panda Eyes” obligatory on stage now?  The only reason my eyes are like this is because I can’t do makeup for shit. I start with a line and end up going circular more and more until I say “Fuck it!”

What’s more important… The show or the songs?  Always the music. We spend way too much time writing songs and going over and over them, with new members songs change a little in sound so we pretty much are always evolving and also writing new material. The show is the cherry

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Give me a few shots and a mic I’m an extro…..but on a daily basis Introvert for sure.

Do you get nervous or excited before shows?  Both.



Are you your real self on stage or a version of yourself that you would rather be?  I am my real self on stage. I couldn’t do it any other way.

When you see your audience live what emotion hits you hardest? Motivation, Excitement.

Would you tour for 2 years straight if asked?  Only if I can bring my cat Kingman.

Do you enjoy “normal” life?  I’m not sure what normal is for me. Sure!

Is performing spiritual?  I put my life into my performances. If I couldn’t put my soul into it then I don’t want it.

Do you communicate better through words or actions?  Actions, I suck at talking.

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